These are the various things in which I do professionally.

Website Stuff

  • End to end website design with update and management plans
  • Web hosting to provide full control over projects
  • Starter websites and help with development to let you create your own site without having to learn from the ground up
  • Click Here to learn more

Online Store

  • I am currently in the process of completing one for myself.
  • I am capable of building fully functional e commerse and dropshipping websites.
  • more info coming soon

JiuJitsu Coaching

  • Specializing in Judo Style takedowns and Submission hunting
  • I have a specific focus on developing individualized game plans for grapplers that play to their strengths 
  • Conditioning opponents to react in a specific way
  • Learn more on the grappling page here

Expert in helping business owners get an online presence

There are two types of business owners who are searching for a website. Those who want to have the entire thing done for them, completely managed and hands-free. The other kind of business owner wants something professionally designed, but easily manageable. They could make updates to text and swap some images, but they want someone to help if a problem arises or to add advanced features. Perhaps they have some artistic abilities and want to use a drag and drop system to design it themselves.

I have designed a system to help both types of business owners. I provide fully done for you website design and management. I also offer assistant development of websites. In this model I will get someone a fully working professionally designed website and domain, then give them the tools, training, and assistance they need to customize it to their brand and keep it up to date in the future.

Digital marketing

The core of all marketing is connecting people who have a problem with those who have a solution. The solution can take many forms from a product to a service, but the fundamentals are always the same. My digital marketing strategy focuses on communicating why a product or service can benefit people in a market. See Droplet Operations for more info.


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