About Me

About my Company

My company is called Droplet Operations LLC, named after the saying “a drop in a bucket.” I chose to name it this because most people view a drop in a bucket as insignificant, but I have not yet found a full bucket that didn’t start with a single drop.

I make websites and provide other technical support services.

About me personally

I am someone who has always had a scorching passion for the things I value. Over time these values have changed as I have grown as a person.

Right now I believe the highest value one can uphold is that of honest self expression. To embody this ideal one must speak what they believe to be true, listen with the intent of understanding, and always seek to achieve the highest good they are capable of imagining. 


I fully believe that the ability to relate to and understand another person on a deep level is the most valuable skill a human can have

My Story


Founded Droplet Operations

This is the year that I founded my company and droplet operations. The name has a somewhat special meaning, symbolic for the seemingly insignificant daily work that can one day compound. This company designs websites, promotes them with digital marketing, and I hope to one day grow a team capable of tackling large projects.


Started College at CMU

I was not entirely sure that I wanted to go to college. In fact, I started one foot out the door. I had already been accepted to a volunteer program that would have stationed to me far away from home to do volunteer work. I had enough time to try out the first semester without canceling on the volunteer program. If I didn't like it I could have left to go on adventures somewhere else volunteering my time and energy. however, during my first semester I ended up meeting some really amazing people and started to form a little community of my friends. by the end of the first semester. It was too late for me to leave because I felt that I had more to accomplish here. Having spent the last few years there, I can say that it has definitely been worth it and the life experience and friends I have made along the way will no doubt prove to be invaluable.


I Began Training JiuJitsu

JiuJitsu has become a huge influence in all areas of my life. Grappling acts as a microcosm for the real world. It is a game won by submitting your opponent. You can only submit your opponent by winning a series of smaller games such as the game of balance or grip. This pattern will fractal down and up as deeply as you want. This is how life works and by learning the patterns and rules that lead to success on the mats, you can apply those patterns to all areas of life.


Got My First Job

My first job was a busboy gig at a local bar near where I lived. I ended up working there for a few years and over that timeframe I learned what it is to excel in a job and work hard. I found that it wasn't difficult to go above and beyond and when you put in just a little bit of extra effort things around you go significantly better. By the time I left, I was the person in charge of communicating between the servers and the kitchen staff and making sure all of the food got to the tables on time. This was no small feat for a 16 year old boy. I learned how to manage my emotions and those of stressed-out adults yelling because the dinner rush and associated chaos.


Childhood Stuff

During this time I learned to see the world, interact with it, and generally be a semi functioning human being. Lots of hard lessons were learned. Lots of trees were climbed, and much fun was had. Overall, my childhood was above average and I'm very grateful.


I was born

To be completely honest I'm not entirely sure if anyone asked me. However, while I'm here I plan on making the most of it.