SJJIF Worlds


Two silver medals at Worlds less than a year into my purple belt is quite the accomplishment in my eyes. I was also proud of how calm and collected I was able to stay throughout the entire event. I didn’t get overwhelmed or a rush of anxiety, I felt at home on the competition mats.

Gi Match #1

Take Aways

I felt like I outclassed this guy when I grabbed him. I came close to submitting him a few times and I dominated the scoreboard with a 22-0 victory.  Overall I was happy with my performance and felt like I was able to maintain control over the pace of the match. When I tied my belt I was extremely tired so I was using that time to recover. After the match was over I was extremely exhausted despite the fact that I won, however I was able to fully recover and be ready to go befor my next match.

Gi Finals Match

Take Aways

This guy was better than me and it showed that day. While in the middle of grappling I was thinking about my strategy to win and decided that the only way I was going to come on top was if I was able to score a sweep or take down then hold a dominant position towards the end of the match. I was losing when he was able to get a good position, but I was proud of how calm and collected I was able to be. He got me with a really nice set up to a Kimura. I was really with my performance.

No Gi Match #1

Take Aways

Despite my opponent’s insistence that I did not have the foot lock, the end where you see him limping tells a different story. Also, I felt this foot popping from the shin lock before I transitioned to the one that put them away. The video cut off before my hand is raised because there is a debate as to whether or not the move I did was legal. My opponent claimed I did a heel hook which would have not been allowed in this division, however I performed a hankle lock also known as the Aoki lock which is legal in this division. I was able to move onto the finals to face the guy who beat me in the Gi.

No Gi Finals #2

Take Aways

I felt like I had some slightly stronger attacks in this match, but he was able to put me away with the same move quicker than the last time. He had a brilliant set up that worked for him two times in a row and it is something I have been studying to try to add to my game / avoid if I ever run into him again. I can’t say I was disappointed with my performance because I went out there and competed to the best of my ability.