NAGA Detroit


This tournament was my biggest win so far in my grappling career. This is for a number of reasons. First, I won both of my divisions in the expert skill bracket. Second in my no gi division I beat two people who have victories over me in a competiton setting. Lastly, I was able to work a game plan in my matches that I had been planning out for a while. Not only was this a good competition for me, but as a team black tie BJJ dominated. We won Gi and No gi adult divisions as a team (points awarded by number of medals) and the kids placed second overall missing first place by a hairline margin of 10 points or one bronze medal. It was super rewarding as a coach to see my students actually winning and executing on the techniques we have been praticing and drilling.

No Gi Match #1

Take Aways

This may have been my best performance of the day. I had lost to this guy in the gi in my first competition as a purple belt. The next time I faced him I was able to win on points, but not get a submission. This time I got the tap to win and it was a good marker of my progress.

No Gi Finals Match

Take Aways

Another person who has beaten me before, it was also in no Gi. Going into this match I felt like my opponent thought he was going to win. I ended up putting a pace on him that he wasnt expecting and scored some points early in the match. As the match went on I was getting exhausted, but I didn’t let it show and continued to give my opponent problems that made it super difficult for him to advance and score. This match solidified for me that I am able to compete at this level and win.

Putple belt Gi Finals

Take Aways

Sometimes when you grapple against somebody you grab them and instantly feel like you can outclass them. Not to put any disrespect on my opponent, but this is one of those situations for me. When I grabbed his lapels while we were standing it felt like I could just do what I need to do to get a throw or take down. Most of the match consisted of me hunting for a submission and eventually ending with a rear-naked choke finish.