FUJI Lansing


It was cool to get the rematch against someone who beat me on a questionable ref call last tournament, but I wish there was more people competing in my bracket. 

Gi Match #1

Take Aways

This match I felt pretty confident going in because I already faced this guy in the last competition I was in. What I took away was that even though I knew what his game plan was and how he scored all his points last match (sweeps from bottom) I still wasn’t able to shut it down. What allowed me to get the win was to compensate by aggressively attacking my own submissions which lead to lots of points as I moved from position to position.

Gi Match #2

Take Aways

I did not want to have to face him again in another match because if I am being honest I was a little tired and wanted to move on with the day. Secondly, I wanted to get a submission on him. I was able to win so I wouldn’t have to face him again, but my submissions attempts were unsuccessful because he had good defense. 

Expert No Gi

Take Aways

This guy was a good Grappler and I probably should have tried to stand back up with him instead of playing bottom. I feel like I could have beaten him or at least made it more competitive if I fought for top position to try and pass or out wrestle him.