Grappling Industries Detroit

My first purple belt competition


This event had serious issues with organization and basic tournament functions. I had tons of fun in spite of the poor management thanks to my teammates.
The hints that this tournament was going to have problems started about four days before the event. Someone reached out to me and asked if I wanted to ref in exchange for a paycheck, I said yes. To make a long, boring, overly confusing story short, I wasn’t allowed to compete and ref at the same time so I decided to compete. Upon arriving it was clear that there was very little communication between the event organizers and the people manning the tables. In addition to this there were also technical difficulties with their bracketing system.
The biggest issue I had with the event is that it was unable to attract enough competitors in my divisions. The absolute no gi division was easy to fill because the requirements are the largest. The gi absolute division got canceled. My weight class in no gi only had one other person besides me and my teammate from an affiliate school. Lastly, the gi division for my weight class had major issues that I will write about next to the match replay below.
These annoyances are things that don’t really impact much in the long run. What I was able to take away from this tournament was a few good grappling matches and a lot of good memories. It was really fun joking around and my teammates on the sidelines and jumping into coach when no one was available because three people were on at different mats at the same time. My favorite part was the car ride home after all the chaos of the day was done and I got to crack jokes with my coach and teammates in the back of a black hummer. It remined me of the bus rides I use to take while playing soccer my freshman year of highschool.

No Gi Absolute

Take Aways

Sometimes you grapple in a big ole boy and you can’t manage to get this submission. I had a couple close attempts and I did my best to try to get him off of me when I was being crushed, but sometimes that is how the chips fall.
In retrospect I should have not tried to out wrestle him on the feet and instead gone right into leg locks.

Gi Match (questionable bracket)

Take Aways

Leaving up to the refs is never a good option. Sometimes, you can out grapple somebody and you just don’t get the win because the ref is not feeling it that day.
The part that is most disappointing is that this was not even the opponent I was supposed to face in my first match. This was a substitute because somebody didn’t show up. The match was tied 8-8 and I did not get the decision. Then because the ref made a bad call they decided to end the division there. It was supposed to be around round robin style bracket, meaning I would have had the chance to grapple against the other person in the division for second place. This didn’t happen, I didn’t care to investigate why and it’s sort of confirmed suspicions about the ability of the event organizers to put on tournament like this.

No Gi Match 1

Take Aways

This guy was a good Grappler and I got swept more times than I would have liked. All in all I tried my best and thats all I could do.

No Gi Match 2

Take Aways

I had a little bit of fun with this because I wasn’t concerned with a win or loss and I was grappling a teammate from an affiliate academy. I hadn’t met my opponent until today, but we chatted and were able to  bond over shared friends and martial arts experiences. I told him ahead of time that I was going to pull guard and apparently the ref was not a fan. Also no one told me that I forgot to take my watch off, so maybe I should have gotten a DQ for that.