Fuji 2021

(the full matches are all at the bottom of this post)

Gi Finals

No Gi Finals

Sub highlights

Takedown highlights


This was one of the largest brackets I have competed in so far, with 13 people in the Gi division, probably slightly less in the no Gi division.

My mindset for this competition was to try to make the matches feel as normal as possible. My entire purpose in competing was to bring down the pre-match anxiety to a level equal to what I experience right before training, that is to say no anxiety. I find that the simmering emotions of grapplers waiting to compete will exhaust them before their matches, allowing cooler headed individuals to win in the moments that matter.


Full matches

Note: I only have one no Gi match (the finals) because I received a buy in for match #1 and my match #2 didn’t show up, so I won by default 

Submission win

Submission win

Submission win

6-15 Win