Baddest Blue Belt Tournament

$1,000 to the winner




True Third

Competition Thoughts

I left it all on the mats.

There was absolutely nothing else I could do to prepare for this tournament beyond what I did. My entire Focus for the past few months leading up to this event was on how I could be at my peak. I fully believe that I showed up and represented myself to the best of my abilities, I was a hair’s breadth away from competing in the finals and I surprised myself with how well I was able to perform. In retrospect, I wish I would have won, but that’s part of the game. However, there are never any regrets when you give it your all.

The Start Droplet Operations

My secret motivation for this tournament was to be the launching point for my entrepreneurial ventures.

This tournament was originally going to be an in-person only event. However, since my coach was the one who was the organizer I was able to suggest that a livestream be set up. I volunteered to do all of the work if I could split the proceeds from the pay-per-view sales 50/50. I wasn’t sure that I was able to figure out all the technical details, but I trusted in my ability to figure it out. Long story short, everything went off without a hitch and we sold 75 pay-per-views. A my eyes this was an outstanding success and soon after I picked up my first web design client sighting this project as previous experience. Droplet operations continues to grow to this day.