My Second Judo Tournament

Full matches

#1: Ippon Win

#2: Submission Win


Next time I compete, I need to go up in rank.

I had fun competing in this tournament, but I believe my Jiu-Jitsu experience gave me enough of an edge that I need to up my competition level. I’m not technically at the next judo belt rank, but if another tournament comes up I will see if they will let me register in the brown /back belt division. Due to the scattered nature of my Judo training I have never had an instructor stick with me long enough to promote me to higher belt ranks. I believe I can get someone who I know is a judo black belt to sign off on paper to let me compete if need be, but I am not sure when the next competition will be.


I believe this tournament gave out medals and I may have it somewhere. If I find it I’ll upload a photo, but trust me I won.