MSOA 2019

My First Blue Belt Competition

Match #1 Loss

Match #2 Win

Match #3 Loss


My official rank for jiu jitsu at this point in time was a white belt with two or three stripes. I wanted to compete at blue belt however, because I had a good amount of previous experience training at another Jiu-Jitsu gym and at the CMU Judo Club. It was a big accomplishment for me just to see that I could hang with this level of competitor. My first match was not a win, but I was happy that it wasn’t a shutout. The fact that I was able to get at least one victory was really amazing. My final match, I’m just happy my ankle didn’t get hurt and I tapped in time. Having gone on to other competitions since the time of this one I can say that this was a huge milestone for raising the bar that I hold myself too.